[ic] Implementing Fedex Shipping

Edward Maas maase at brainlink.com
Fri Aug 1 19:34:46 EDT 2003

Hey All,

    I am having a lot of trouble changing shipping from UPS to Federal 
Express.  The ecommerce site that I am working on, only uses fedex as a 
carrier and thus would like interchange to calculate fedex shipping 
rates for the various fedex options. 

    I have made the following attempts at changing this thus far.

1) catalog.cfg:  DefaultShipping __SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE__

2) products/variable.txt: SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE       FES     Shipping

3) products/variable.txt: UPS_ORIGIN      11361   Shipping

I am happy to provide other data if necessary.  I can confirm that the 
Fedex Perl module is installed in ~/lib/Business/Fedex.pm.  As a note, 
there are csv files and gdbm files for 2ndDayAir, Ground, & NextdayAir, 
but nothing for fedex in the catalogs/*/products dir?  Does fedex rely 
on similar files ? If not, is there a necessary work around in other 

      Any assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. 


Ed Maas
Brainlink Systems Administration

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