[ic] Compiere.

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> Compiere is more of a financial/ERP type of package, targeting
distribution/logistics industries,  and the e-commerce module is not nearly
as flexible as IC for the retail industry.  There are some merit trying to
integrate IC to Compiere, just like integrating IC to Peachtree, quickbook,
> It should be possible to do the integration by  setting up batch update.
Compiere requires Oracle at present, but IC can dump out a file Oracle
SqlLoader can understant, just like IC can dump out the file Peachtress and
quickbook can understand.
> J.
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> DATE: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 11:07:22
> From: "Russell Mann" <tech at khouse.org>
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> >> Has anyone looked at tying the ecommerce functionality of interchange
> >> with a business management package such as Compiere? It sounds like an
> >> interesting project to me...
> >
> >I've been watching Compiere for a while, as a possible alternative to IC
> >an in-house project.
> >
> >What would you see as a benefit of tying IC to Comp?  Compiere has an
> >eCommerce module already, what would be the benefit to them to integrate
> >
> >Possible drawbacks: Compiere is running on Java, wheras IC is Perl based,
> >which would make any tying difficult.  Compiere currently requires
> >
> >-Russell
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This is basically my thoughts on the situation aswell, i'm currently in the
middle of an internal debate as to whether i should build a heap of new
functionality into the web store component of Compiere or to somehow tie the
two packages together. Each method has it's merit, i suppose... this seems
like the sort of thing SOAP was designed for. Compiere has little to no
support for it though, that i can see.

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