[ic] Cart dropped after logging in at checkout

Ryan Grace ryan at ryangrace.com
Sat Nov 15 14:26:30 EST 2003

On Sat, 15 Nov 2003, Ryan Grace wrote:

> I searched the archives for an answer to this one, but have come up empty.  Has anyone else had this happen?
> I add a few items to my cart on an IC 4.8.6 site and go to check out.  The checkout page included with foundation allows a user to log in at the top of the page if they're not already.  However, once I log in using a previously created account my cart is dropped.  Why is this?

I figured this one out.  Sorry I didn't try a little harder before posting to the list.  Turns out I needed to include the correct URL alias at the end of the catalog config line in interchange.cfg.  My web server rewrites the URLs, so the cookie was being lost after being initially set.


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