[ic] interchange error - batch & minimum quantity

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Fri Oct 24 21:29:20 EDT 2003

On Fri, 24 Oct 2003 09:55:05 -0400
"Jack Gates" <jlgates at morningstarwebservices.net> wrote:

> foreach my $index (0 .. $#$Vend::Items + 1)
> I changed the code as seen above and it seems to have corrected the server
> errors.
> I am still not able to get the minimum and batch quantity to work and have
> no idea why.
> I have done everything according to the HowTo but that now appears to have
> some mistakes.
> The UserTag batch Rountine that I added to my catalog.cfg and had to change
> came from the HowTo.
> Clarification please on what this snippet of code below says.
> # Sets Interchange to not parse <BODY MV="body 1"> and other tags within
> # HTML tags. Use [pragma no_html_parse 0] to enable on an individual page.
> Pragma  no_html_parse
> It appears that the above code is set to not parse any html tags or any tags
> inside of html tags. Am I understanding that correctly?
> If that is correct then putting;
> [batch]
> [perl]$Items-&gt;[[item-increment]-1]-&gt;{message}[/perl]
> in the basket.html page as seen from this snippet of code below from the
> source page would cause it not to work. Am I correct in my understanding?
> <tr class=ralt>
> 	<td colspan=2 class=clabel>
> 		<textarea NAME=ui_content COLS=85 ROWS=20>[batch]
> [perl]$Items-&gt;[[item-increment]-1]-&gt;{message}[/perl]
> &lt;!-- placeholder --&gt;
> </textarea>
> 	</td>
> </tr>
> Thanks for any help.

Adding message to AutoModifier would probably help you:

AutoModifier message

This allows to use [item-modifier message] to access your custom field
instead of your ugly [perl] hack.

Please note that you need to call your batch routine _before_ 
the opening [item-list] tag.


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