[ic] How do you work?

Grant listbox at email.com
Sat Sep 27 13:56:35 EDT 2003

It's become obvious that I need some kind of a development system that's
organized.  I always seem to be working on a few projects at once, and it's
getting ridiculous.  How do you guys work on an IC site?  How do you deal
with things like backups, local storage of files, workflow, etc?  I was
going to set something up myself based on my experience, but I know most of
the people on this list have been developing a lot longer than I have.  What
works for you?

I was thinking it would be ideal to have two instances of IC installed,
although I'm not sure if that's possible in my hosting setup.  Two different
catalogs at least.  It would be great to have something that would allow me
to edit a file locally and then FTP it to it's proper place with a click.
The only files that are ever edited would be the files in the development
store, and then after a batch of changes to the dev store are fully tested,
they could be ported over to the live store.  Also, each editing "session"
(maybe a session would be an entire day) would be logged with my notes on
the changes that were made.

- Grant

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