[ic] dedicated installation

Rene Hertell interchange-users at hertell.com
Mon Apr 5 12:27:56 EDT 2004

> Going through the setup and installion of a dedicated box for an
> interchange
> store.  We're looking at Redhat 9 or Enterprise V3 (apparently
> the company
> building the box isnt charging for EV3 installs).  The other choices are
> Fedora and FreeBSD.  Any suggestions
> Other questions (This is a 3.0Ghz Intel box w/HT).  What packages
> and other
> things should I have installed on the box.  Apache2, DNS, MySQL,
> SSH, SSL, all
> devel packages, do I want to install Perl via package or do it
> myself.  Any
> gotchas with Perl and HyperThreading.
> Looking for suggestions.

I would suggest Debian stable (Woody). I run my server on that, and I can't
complain :) You have to compile Perl by hand so that you wont get trouble
with threads. Just remember that you have to have to install the following
packages for getting the GDBM-database to work: libgdbmg1, libgdbmg1-dev
(install it with: apt-get install libgdbmg1 and apt-get install

If you want to have a recent MySQL (or postgres) then you have to compile
that too. I run the default postgres database, and that's enough for me.


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