[ic] Page title on custom flypage

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Thu Apr 22 18:37:26 EDT 2004

> I'm trying to get the [item-description] in my page title on a custom
> flypage. It works fine in flypage.html, but when I create a special
> flypage, say for a category like flybooks.html, the title won't parse
> [item-description].
> Perhaps the description is found from the page's filename, which is the
> SKU on the regular flypage.html. On custom flypages, the filename is
> not the SKU. However, the sku is visible in the mv_arg URL argument.
> I guess I could look up the description based on the mv_sku argument,
> but I would think a database call just for this is not very smart.

is your [item-description] inside your [fly-list]?


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