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> geezzaa wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I need somebody to give me a quote for the following works on my 
>> interchange.
>> 1) Install graphics logo
>> 2) Install paypal payments to the payments section
>> 3) Create an eye catching front page.
>> 4) change the options to English instead of American
>> 5) Change the details screens to show our mail addresses and postal 
>> addresses
>> 6) Set up the Affiliates
>> There will be more items to add to the list but the above list is quite 
>> important.
>> I would do it myself, but i havent got a clue what im doing.
>> If you could also take a look at www.geezzaa.com and give me further 
>> ideas, that would be most helpfull
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 Is that Good or Bad Pattie??
 Thanks to the other people who have taken time to email me with helpfull 
 I wasnt aware that the changes would be so expensive, But i wont let it get 
to me. Its either learn programming or save my cash up for experienced 
 Thanks again.

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