[ic] Help Please! Can't find components or includes for checkout.html

Ben Polen ben at allenwood.org
Mon Mar 15 14:07:54 EST 2004


I have searched for this on the archives, and while I have found some 
leads, have yet to find a solution.

I am running Interchange version 4.9.3-200211090658 with Perl 5.6.1

I am trying to edit the shopping cart and other parts of the 
checkout.html page but I can't seem to find the code to edit.

In pages/ord/checkout.html it has this code for the shopping cart: 
[include include/checkout/shopping_cart]

When I try to edit pages/include/checkout/shopping_cart the content 
comes up blank.

I have also tried looking in templates/components/cart and 
templates/components/cart_display and templates/foundation/cart  but 
they are also coming up blank.

Where can I find the code to edit?

Please help!

Thank you!


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