[ic] Help Please! Can't find components or includes forcheckout.html

Ben Polen ben at allenwood.org
Mon Mar 15 15:54:40 EST 2004

Yes, and it appears the two pages are connected.

      Edit page /include/checkout/shopping_cart/

      Page Attributes/Controls

Name: include/checkout/shopping_cart
Source: pages/include/checkout/shopping_cart

You said that you looked in "pages/include/checkout/shopping_cart".
Did you consider looking in "include/checkout/shopping_cart"?


Kevin Walsh wrote:

>Ben Polen [ben at allenwood.org] wrote:
>>I am trying to edit the shopping cart and other parts of the
>>checkout.html page but I can't seem to find the code to edit.
>>In pages/ord/checkout.html it has this code for the shopping cart:
>>[include include/checkout/shopping_cart]
>>When I try to edit pages/include/checkout/shopping_cart the content comes
>>up blank. 
>>I have also tried looking in templates/components/cart and
>>templates/components/cart_display and templates/foundation/cart  but
>>they are also coming up blank.

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