[ic] IC-specific hacking attempt

Doug Alcorn lathinet at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 28 16:16:33 EST 2004

I applied the patch and it half-way works.  It
prevents the interpreting of the variable in the main
body; however, the page still has the interpreted
variable in the page title.

BTW, sorry for Cc-ing you Kevin.  My mail server with
my subscribed email address is blocked by SPEWS and
icdevgroup.org is rejecting mail based on SPEWS.  So,
I'm using my yahoo account.  I wasn't sure when/if
this message would make it to the mailing list and
wanted you to get a look at this sooner rather than

BBTW, rejecting mail based on SPEWS isn't a very
common thing to do.  SPEWS is notorious for being
overly aggressive in blocking whole netblocks and very
slow in cleaning up the mess.  SPEWS is better suited
for a weighted check in SpamAssassin.

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