[ic] Add products to cart for users

Michael Hess mhess at greenhillsschool.org
Wed Mar 31 15:10:43 EST 2004

interchange-users at icdevgroup.org writes:
>Michael Hess [mhess at greenhillsschool.org] wrote:
>> Hi, I have just uploaded about 300 users to interchange, I have also put
>> in about 1000 items.
>> I am wondering if there is a way to create a cart for my users, so that
>> when they log in, all items are already in their cart.
>You could create a "saved cart", for each of your users, containing
>your 1,000 recommended items.  The logged-in users could then load the
>saved cart if they choose to do so.
>I would find it slightly tedious to have to remove £10,000 worth of
>pre-selected items from my cart, every time I visited a shop, so it
>would probably be best to provide an optionally-loadable "recommended
>items" cart, in my opinion.  This all depends upon your application
>and what you sell, of course.
>On the other hand, why do this at all?  Why not just mark certain
>items as recommended/featured and create a page to show the list.
>If you really must add all of the items to the cart at once then you
>could create a bundle (one item that contains several others) and give
>your users the opportunity to add that to their cart.

This is being done for a school book sale, each person will only come to
the site once, and by items they need.  What table do the saved carts get
saved to?  Can I import and export to it? 

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