[ic] Couple bugs in customer_view.html

interchange at thedesignpeople.com interchange at thedesignpeople.com
Wed Mar 31 17:06:35 EST 2004

Hey, I don't know if this is just me, but I just noticed that all my 
customers show last login as Dec 31, 1969.

Looking at the code it has:
[time time="[loop-param mod_time]"]%b %e, %Y %l:%M %P[/time]

which i guess expects a unix timestamp, but the field mod_time is a 
mysql timestamp (YYYYMMDDhhmmss)

I replaced what was there with:
[convert-date fmt="%b %e, %Y %l:%M %P"][loop-param mod_time][/convert-date]

That seemed to fix it.

Also both Home phone and Work phone are set to diplay
[loop-param phone_night]

Work phone should be
[loop-param phone_day]

I'm running IC 5.0.1

Mike K.

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