[ic] How to retrieve item options data in a perl block

Joachim Schubert as at freibergnet.de
Wed May 5 05:40:09 EDT 2004

Hi interchangers,

this is IC 5.0* on FreeBSD with postgres.
I have some items with simple options 
(new options: OptionsEnable option_type in etc/after.cfg). 

For further processing i would like to retrieve the selected 
item options data from basket. In IC i have:
   [item-options type=value report=1]

Now i don't now how to code this in a perl block / usertag.
Currently a use a scratch variable, but this isn't elegant.  

The following doesn't work as expected:

my $out;
my $cart = $Carts->{main};
my %options = (report => '1', type => 'value');
my $opt = \%options;
foreach my $item (@$cart) {
 $out .= $item->{code} ."-";
 $out .= $item->{quantity} ."-";
 $out .= $Tag->options( $item->{code},
                      $item, );

 $out .= "<br>";
return $out;

The options-tag returns html form fields, but i need the data like
optionname: optionvalue. How can a get these options-data?

Btw:  I have to use [item-options type=value report=1] 
to return option values for all sort of widgets (incl. text-widgets).
[item-options type=display report=1] returns only for select and radio widgets. 

Regards Achim


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