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>Hi again all,
>First, let me say a HUGE thank you for this lists' existance. It is a 
>Next, I'm working on getting CC processing nailed down so I can roll this 
>cart out and get it online and taking orders. When I run a test order with 
>a live credit card I'm getting this message at the top of the page.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>
>  There were errors in your last submission:
>     (Payment process): There was an error accepting payment: Real-time 
> charge failed. Reason:
>  The areas you need to correct are shown in this color below.
>problem is...there's nothing colored. the form looks the same as it did 
>when I hit the "Place Order" button on the previous screen.
>payments settings:
>CHECK_ACCEPTED                        0 
>COD_ACCEPTED                            0 
>   Payment
>CREDIT_CARDS_ACCEPTED           visa mc discover amex   Payment
>MV_PAYMENT_ID                           xxxxxxxxx                      Payment
>MV_PAYMENT_MODE                     authorizenet                  Payment
>MV_PAYMENT_SECRET                   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx          Payment
>PO_ACCEPTED                               0 
>     Payment
>SETTLE_TRANSACTION                   1
>The value for MV_PAYMENT_SECRET is the transaction key that was generated 
>by authorize.net that we're currently using on two other shopping carts 
>that we're using that we desperately want to get away from.
>What am I missing here?
>Mark Weaver
>American Micro - Webmaster

I've seen this happen with threaded Perl - what Perl version are you 
running, and did you compile it yourself?

- Ed

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