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Scott Martin smartin at steamvalve.com
Thu May 20 15:27:26 EDT 2004

> >Scott Martin wrote:
> >
> >>Hi List,
> >>
> >>We have been shipping with FedEx FREIGHT for shipments above 150 Pounds
> >>(Bricks & Mortar). Does fedex provide something for looking up the costs
> >>like the UPS tables.(Did UPS Provide those for interchange or did
> >>from the interchange group write them?) I am currnetly trying to build a
> >>catalog of Industrial products which range from 2 lbs to well over 1000
> >>per product & was wondering how to accomplish this? It would be nice to
> >>LTL truckload pricing tables to work from!
> >>
> >>Thanks
> >>Scott Martin
> >>
> >Wow, someone looking for the same thing I have been!  I doubt you will
> >find pricing/zone tables for
> >LTL shipping.  According to the information supplied by the shipping
> >director at my place of
> >employment it's pretty much impossible to accurately price trucking
> >costs.  There are too many
> >variables, like ship date, fuel surcharges (which can vary day to day),
> >
> >The best candidate I've found for a price quoting system is this:
> >http://www.abfs.com/ecommerce/tlinks/tl_aquote.asp
> >
> >I don't know Perl well enough to do anything with it though.
> >The option I've ended up going with for now to handle heavy shipments is
> >adding two "free" options.
> >One for Ship Collect (customer supplies their shipping account number)
> >another for PPA
> >(pre-pay & add; we pay shipping then bill customer for actual shipping
> >charges)
> I have a written and tag to query the CON-WAY (http://www.con-way.com) LTL
> rate quoting interface. I  had intended to include it with the 5.2
> but never got around to it. It's not perfect; one particular irritation
> (which may have been corrected) was that the registration you are required
> to have to use their interface would expire if you went three months
> without logging into their member area, even if you were querying quotes
> via my tag all day, every day. I wrote to their development team about
> this, but I don't know if they ever did anything about it.
> In any case, I may attempt to incorporate this into the next release; it
> will require some work, because as it stands now it does not work with the
> standard foundation demo shipping mode selection motif.
> - Ed
Hi Ed,

Thanks for trying this, I do not know how many others this would benefit But
I would greatly appreciate it. As I said we use Fed Ex Freight which is
nation wide. I could inquire with my acct rep @ fed ex to see if they have
something available. What should I ask them for?

Thanks Again
Scott Martin

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