[ic] Using type=display with 'text', 'textarea', etc. widget options

James Turnbull james at scotwebshops.com
Mon May 31 06:07:02 EDT 2004

I've been searching the mailing list archives for solutions to the 
problem of showing options that are marked as 'text' on the checkout 
page when using type=display with the option tag. So far the best I 
could find was to use UseModifiers for each option, which would get a 
bit out of hand with lots of different products and options.

I have however managed to get around this problem by hacking the 
interchange code a little bit...

in '/lib/Vend/Form.pm' at the end of 'sub current_label' (line 274 on 
ic-5.0) I changed

> return $default;


> if (!$default) {
> 	$default = $opt->{value};
> }
> return $default;

which produces the desired result in all my tests (showing the correct 
'label' version for 'select' widgets and whatever the user enters for 
'text' widgets).

Hopefully this will help someone who is having the same problem. Of 
course, if an interchange guru sees a reason for not doing this I'd be 
grateful to hear it :D

James Turnbull

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