[ic] history-scan: Huge URL, returning blank when editing items in sequence

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Mon Jun 20 09:29:19 EDT 2005

>>> jt at mail.airdelites.com 06/17/05 2:49 PM >>>
> Hello, everyone. I'm getting:
> history-scan: Huge URL (1,032 bytes) exceeds 1024 byte limit, returning
> blank. AND Huge URL (1,032 bytes) exceeds 1024 byte limit, returning blank.
> After returning to the item list when doing "edit items in sequence". It
> also appears when some other edit operations are complete, like editing
> a menu. This is a lightly hacked IC Admin UI from a catalog that was
> born in 5.2, running currently on 5.3.1-200505030658. Everything SEEMS
> to work fine, but it's slightly distracting.
> I tried renaming my modified item.html to make it use the 5.31 version,
> and there was no change. I'm not exactly sure where this is coming from.
> The error is coming back through [errors]. I've been grepping like
> crazy, and I found history_scan in Menu.pm but playing with these didn't
> seem to change it. Anyone have a clue?

Huge URLs shouldn't be a problem in the UI itself, unless your edit pages
have forms with method="get" (or without a method).  If you're editing
stuff, the forms should be POSTing anyway.


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