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Mon Mar 14 03:36:28 EST 2005

>>>> emailgrant at 14-3-05 2:24:03 >>>
>> > > Is there a better way than this to export all tables so their data can
>> > > be backed up with the rest of the catalog:
>> > >
>> > > [loop list="products userdb etc"]
>> > >         [export table="[loop-code]"]
>> > > [/loop]
>> > >
>> > > - Grant
>> >
>> > Grant,
>> >
>> > Are we talking a manual or automated backup? If you're doing manual
>> > backups of your interchange data tables then MySQL Administrator works
>> > wonderful for this; puts everything including the SQL needed for restore
>> > along with all the data into on handy file that takes seconds to restore.
>> >
>> > If you're talking about an automated process you may want to take a look
>> > at assigning this duty to a perl program that will accomplish basically
>> > the same thing; a PERL program connected to a cron job.
>> >
>> >
>> You may not need to write a perl script if you are using MySQL.  Just use the
>> mysqldump program found in most MySQL distributions.  You could add something
>> like this to your crontab:
>> 0 3 * * * mysqldump --user=user --password=password interchange_database >
>> /path/to/backup.sql
>> Or a simple bash wrapper script that rotates the destination file.
>> (Check mysqldump --help or for
>> more options)
>> - Brian

>Thanks guys, that sounds pretty slick but IC already has a
>dumper/exporter built in right?  Using that makes it easy to backup
>the database data along with the catalog files.  I suppose something
>like mysqldump would be just about as simple.
>- Grant


As far as I know, it's only possible to export one table at a time with the admin unit.

 [loop list="products userdb etc"]
         [export table="[loop-code]"]
will probably work, but the mysqldump is much easier and faster, and the database structure is included, which makes it very easy to restore.

Additionally, you can compress and mail or copy this dumpfile to another system, so if your system fails (disk-error), you always have this backup available somewhere else.
We have a 12 mb dumpfile, which is compressed 1.2 mb, dumping takes only a few seconds.
The other catalog files don't changes that much, we make only backups when they change, sometimes twice a day, sometimes once a year.


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