[ic] server's CPU load

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Wed May 25 09:43:08 EDT 2005

DB wrote:

>I'm running IC 5.2 under CentOS (REHL4 clone). Machine is a dual Xeon
>with 1GB RAM. Now and then I notice the site is slow to respond. During
>those periods I see that "uptime" will report a very high load -
>sometime seven 15 or more, while a normal load is less than 1. I suspect
>that these episodes are caused by a spider - I have just under 380,000
>items in the mysql products table.
>Last time this happened, I noticed that my free memory was very low - as
>in just 1MB. I'm guessing that the server is forced to use the hard
>drive to swap to make up for the lack of free memory. I have ordered
>another 2GB of RAM.
That is quite possible, but please note that the actual free memory is 
the sum
of free memory + cached memory under Linux. If you use top, press m and 
you see the
memory consuming processes on top.


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