[ic] Problems with Custom Shipping after IC. upgrade from 4.8.3 to 5.2.1

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Sat Nov 26 06:52:12 EST 2005

Alexander Schmitz wrote:
> Hello List.
> we are calculating the  shipping costs in our custom checkout process  
> (multipage) in a plain Perl-tag section. Then we assign the result  
> value with [assign interpolate=1 salestax=0 shipping="[scratch   
> myshippingcost]"] to [shipping].

Do you really need interpolate=1 ?

> This worked well with IC Ver. 4.8.3.

If your report is accurate, that looks like a bug.

> We did not set any shipping.asc or default mv_shipping ... Just   
> assigned shipping, and total_cost was modified correctly.
> After the update to 5.2.1 this stopped working, the total_cost value  is 
> no longer calculated with the assigned shipping. After searching   the 
> list I found some hints and added [assign clear=1] and [value   
> name=mv_shipmode set=1 hide=1] with the effect that total_cost is  
> calculated on this specific page, but loses the correct value in the  
> further order process.
> I think I can't get the Big Picture when it comes to custom  shipping.  
> Are there any configuration directives in catalog.cfg that  must be set 
> to enable custom shipping assignment?

My preferred way for custom shippings is a [calc_shipping] usertag, e.g.

UserTag calc_shipping Order name
UserTag calc_shipping Routine <<EOR
sub {
	my ($name) = @_;
	my ($cost);

	if ($Scratch->{"company::country"} eq 'Deutschland') {
		$cost = $Variable->{VERSANDKOSTEN_INLAND};
	} else {
		$cost = $Variable->{VERSANDKOSTEN_AUSLAND};

	return $cost;


default: Standard
	crit quantity
	min  0
	max  10000000
	free 1
	cost f [calc_shipping]


ValuesDefault mv_shipmode default

That is IMHO a better way to integrate custom shipping.


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