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Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Wed Nov 30 12:04:47 EST 2005

interchange-users-bounces at icdevgroup.org wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to find a way to use a scanner to scan a pile of
> sheets containing data that needs to be put into my stores DBs.
> Each sheet would have coordinates and rows of boxes, some marked with
> a black dot. 
> It is almost the same as a school exam answer sheet with rows
> of boxes where we simply mark/darken the desired box with a
> pencil. I want to do something like as if I wanted to
> automate the exam corrections, and send the data into mysql DBs.
> I know how to input the data in the DB, I just don't know
> what to use to get the data off the sheets! Any suggestions would be
> greatly appreciated. 
> Thanks in advance
> Martin H.

This, while interesting, is not IC related. You'd have better luck at an OCR
forum, esp one with and API like I believe LEAD has:


At any rate, any good OCR and a perl script to parse the data should work,
but any solution won't be 100% accurate. You may want to use "zone
detection", two zones being for registration, and the rest for answers, then
use imagemagik to see whats going on with the pixels (if that's possible) to
determine what's filled in and what's not. I wouldn't leave it to
recognition of text and numbers though, too ify.



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