[ic] customer_mailing.sh

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Sat Oct 8 08:50:32 EDT 2005

On Sat, 8 Oct 2005, Matt Kerner wrote:

>> customer_mailing.sh is the shell script that is produced from the 
>> customer_mailing.html page it is not an interchange file, the shell 
>> script contains all the emails and headers and calls sendmail -t (eg 
>> postfix etc) if you run it as a stand alone script.
>> Net::SMTP is a perl module, try a cpan install of that module, sounds 
>> like it is missing. Have you installed Bundle::interchange, not sure if 
>> it is included with that bundle?
> So customer_mailing.sh is dynamically generated when the 
> customer_mailing.html is run? There is no actual file for this script?

That's right. (Well, there's a file once you download it. It's meant for 
you to run it manually.)

> Net::SMTP is in place on my system and functioning properly. I'm able to send 
> mail using the [mail] tag and receipt/order report messages are sent without 
> difficulty. The only mail functionality that produces an error is the 
> customer_mailing.html.

It looks like it wasn't designed to handle mail via Net::SMTP -- it just 
uses /usr/sbin/sendmail or whatever the SendMailProgram directive is set 

It'd need to be rewritten to be a Perl program instead of a shell script, 
if you want it to use Net::SMTP, I think.

Let us know if you work up a patch to this and would like us to consider 
including it in Interchange.


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