[ic] Gift Certificats and Donations

maillists lists at gmnet.net
Sun Apr 2 18:56:39 EDT 2006


Many of my clients are non-profits, and I use the gift_cert field in the
products database to make "donation" items in the products table.It
seems that the new "standard" in IC 5.4 does not support that in the new
shopping carts. I marked "1" in the "gift_cert" field for my "donation"
item, but when I check out with 50 for example, the cart shows quantity
of 50 at 1.00 each. The old style cart showed "amount" in the quantity
field, and $50 as the price...

I would like to use all the IC 5.4 new carts instead of the old ones. Is
there a fix for this, or should I start hacking away at the new carts?
Is there a reason that this was abandoned? Was there a problem that I
should watch out for?


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