[ic] list the products in a certain predefined order?

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Apr 7 05:56:33 EDT 2006

"Georg Brugger" <georg.brugger at edienste.de> wrote:
> I did my first shop, basically I took the foundation shop and changed all
> what I wanted to have differntly.
> It works fine except I can't find a way to show the selected products in a
> certain predefined order. E.g. product1, product2 and product3 are selected.
> I want to see them on the screen in the following order product2, product1
> and then product3.
> Is there a way to force the system to do this?
You could create a new column in the products table (perhaps call it
"sort"), fill it with numbers and use that column as your sort order.

By the way, if you've only just created your first shop then you should
have used the new "Standard" demo as your template.  I know it's
probably a bit late for me to say that now, but I said it anyway. :-)

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