[ic] list the products in a certain predefined order?

Georg Brugger georg.brugger at edienste.de
Tue Apr 11 03:36:22 EDT 2006

First of all thank you very much for all the inputs till now.  But still I
am not there where I should be.

As mentioned in earlier email I am working on my first shop based on the
foundation shop from interchange 5.2 on a suse linux system. Test shop link
is: www.edienste.de/cgi-bin/mdv-druck/index.html

To explain my problem using the test shop above is the following: clicking
"Werdenfelser Zeitplanbuch"  --> "Kleinformat" I want to have placed the
product with sku ZKA as the first item, and so on.
I inserted in my products table a colum named sort, putting 1,2,3,4,5, ...
according to the desired sort order.
I used area/cat files changing according to my category/subcategory needs
for my navigation bar.

In the foundation shop I found in category-vertical ...  the following piece
of code. It seem to be the right one where I need to make the changes.

[loop prefix=cat
 [cat-exec bar_link]cat[/cat-exec]<br>

The code produced is:

ppe/se=Kleinformat/op=eq.html" CLASS="barlink">Kleinformat</A><br>

I think I understand the first part (search= ...) of the loop code, but the
[cat-exec bar_link ... ] not. I tried to use [page search ... ] instead, but
I was not successful.  I understand some how I have to include fi=products,
tf=sort, to=n

I hope the description of my problem is clear. Can please someone help me to
make the right changes in the piece of code above.

Thank you in advance for help.


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> >In a search.
> >
> >Georg
> lol - a little more specific please - however, you can sort on any
> field in the products table.
> something like this:
>   [page scan se=attachments/sf=category]Attachments[/page]
> se search expressionsf search field
> tf sort field helps also
> etc....
> Like someone else said, you can create a new column in products and
> put something in there to sort to your content....
> Take a look here also:
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/doc/frames/icdatabase_34.html
> Steve
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