[ic] Protect email-addresses from spam-harvesters

Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Wed Aug 16 03:15:33 EDT 2006

Rene Hertell wrote:

>Hi all,
>I run a site that has contact-information to a couple of hundreds of
>people, and I would need to display their email-addresses. I think that
>the best way to protect these addresses would be to convert them to an
>image with imagemagick (they don't have to mailto-addresses), but if
>there is any better way in doing this, then I would be thankful for any
>new ideas.
>But if the imagemagick-trick is the best solution, does anyone have an
>usertag laying around for this purpose? :-)
>Best Regards,
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Hello René,

Funny you should mention that. Amongst all the software which I posted
on my site from Australia there is an email capture. I am a bit annoyed
to see the name "buy viagra" there this week.

I have used some perl image routines. For example our perl/tk menu
automatically creates an image and a thumb from an image found on the
merchant's hard drive.

I used a bit of trial and error, and found snippets of code online. I
found that that what worked for one release of active perl didn't work
for the next, so I in fact preserve an old perl on which everything
works. Wheares it has been an awful lot of hard work, I am able to offer
image manipulations which even yahoo store does not. So it is worth the

Good thinking though, and good luck,


Frank Reitzenstein.

Gold Issue Interchange Consulting http://www.goldissue.com

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