[ic] mv_order_profile and new payment type

Oliver Haufe Oliver.Haufe at eicon.com
Thu Aug 31 07:10:20 EDT 2006


I tried to add PayPal to my shop, running interchange 5.4.1. 
So I setup paypal in /etc/profiles.order and in the checkout (payment_select,_new_payment, new_payment_multi and checkout.html. Furthermore I added a PAYPAL_ACCEPTED 1 to variables.txt.

For what I can see from da StructureDump the paypal profile is there but in the select box on the checkout page I can see only the 2 options that I have currently enabled (cod and postal) - but there is no html code generated for paypal. I used the code for postal can duplicated the code for paypal. Seems that I missed something 

Any help is welcome or hints. 

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