[ic] Please clean the archive

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Sat Nov 4 11:47:15 EST 2006

"Clint Tevlin" <actevlin at iprimus.com.au> wrote:
> I've received heaps of spam on this account and this list is the only one 
> where it's visible to any harvesting robot used by spammers.
I get heaps of spam too.  Luckily the spam filter (SpamAssassin and
Rules du Jour etc.) shuffles 99.9% of it into a quarantine mailbox.
Out of the 130+ spam articles I get every day, I can live with the
one or two (sometimes even five) that make it past the spam filter
each week.

> How would you like your address visisible on the net?
You're right.  I'll have to make sure that I don't mention
"kevin at cursor.biz" in this article.  D'oh!

My email address is visible, in plain text, in lots of mail list
archives and various other places.  It doesn't cause me a problem.

> If you really want to reach someone you can form the address yourself.
If the address is properly obfuscated (k... at cursor.biz) then how?
Remember that most spam bots know how to reform "kevin at cursor.biz",
"kevin (at) cursor (dot) biz" and the most of the other lossless
obfuscation efforts.  This is mainly helped by the fact that the email
addresses appear in a predictable place in the archive text layout.

Lossless obfuscation is pointless, and lossy obfuscation is inconvenient.
A spam filter is the answer.

Oh, and please don't top-post.  It destroys the future readability of
the archive.  This thread's subject is all about keeping the archive
clean, after all.  And besides, I don't usually respond to top-posted

    Because it makes the conversation difficult to follow.
    > Why is top-posting considered bad?

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