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> Does anybody know of any good resources that point out the pros/ cons,
> differences/ similarities of using IC vs other CMS and E-Commerce
> systems?
> I have a client who does not understand the difference between IC and
> other php based systems.  I would like to find a comparison chart
> somewhere that details this.

I do not think there is any chart like this available. Web resources will
give you comparisons about Interchange, but usually from the viewpoint of
another product, which is not always very flattering for Interchange (and on
average 5 years old or more).

But is it not something like "the client shouldn't care or need to
understand the differences between IC and other systems"... The client needs
something that works, and you are the expert to use Interchange. Interchange
is more scalable than any other open source application providing e-commerce
functionality. As you are the expert all issues that others have about
installation, threaded/nonthreaded perl discussion, problems with hosting
providers etc, are all moot :)

I'm sure you can build an equally nice site for your client with any other
application, provided you know what you are doing with the perl, php,
python, .Net, ColdFusion, Java programmed e-commerce product, but
Interchange is your hero, and it will also be your client's!  :)

Good luck in the defense of Interchange vs the rest of the evil e-commerce



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