[ic] userdb confusion

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Fri Jul 27 02:18:24 EDT 2007

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> Subject: [ic] userdb confusion
> I'm running 5.3 using mysql and a modified foundation store. Below is
> my
> .../dbconf/mysql/userdb.mysql.
> I'm confused because the primary key column appears to be labeled
> 'username', however I see no such column defined below. I see no column
> labeled 'code' in my actual database, but one labeled 'username'
> exists.
> Everything seems to be working, but I don't like mysteries. Can anyone
> shed light on this for me?
> ========================
> Database  userdb  userdb.txt   __SQLDSN__
> Database  userdb  HAS_TRANSACTIONS  1
> Database  userdb  TABLE_TYPE   InnoDB
> endif
> Database  userdb  COLUMN_DEF   "code=char(20) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY"
> Database  userdb  COLUMN_DEF   "password=CHAR(20) NOT NULL"

The above file is the old database definition from the foundation store:

The new database definition has the following for username:
Database  userdb  COLUMN_DEF   "username=varchar(64) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY"

Interchange however does the following:
- Looks at your .txt file in products  (in this case userdb.txt)
- Finds column name 'username'
- References this with the <catroot>/dbconf/mysql/userdb.mysql
- Does not find a definition for 'username'
- Uses default Interchange settings, which are either:
  * DatabaseDefault DEFAULT_TYPE xxxxxxx    -  for example 
    DatabaseDefault DEFAULT_TYPE varchar(255)
  * or if not defined it will take the default from
<icroot>/lib/Vend/Table/DBI.pm  (line 284)
    $config->{KEY_DEF} ||= 'char (16) NOT NULL';

So chances are your username column is not varchar(64), but either one of
the 2 default settings, depending on your configuration.



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