[ic] [ice] Getting ride of credit card box at checkout

kerry kerry at basicq.com
Mon Feb 9 14:58:03 UTC 2009

I am using the standard cart and my version is 5.6.1. In
CREDIT_CARDS_ACCEPTED, all I have is check boxes next to the various
credit card types. I have all unchecked. I will look for the variable.txt
file and see how it is worded. When you say "restart interchange", is
apply changes sufficient?
> On 2/9/09 9:02 AM, "kerry" <kerry at basicq.com> wrote:
>> I am only allowing orders via PO from established accounts for the cart
>> I
>> have built. I turned everything I can find off to all except PO order
>> method. The selection box at checkout only allows PO, but the credit
>> card
>> box and code still appears when I use express checkout. The PO box does
>> not appear for PO entry with the express checkout, but I believe it does
>> using checkout button.
>> How do I remove the credit card box from all areas it might show up? I
>> do
>> not want my customers putting their information in the box as I am not
>> using cards and do not have all the security required when using them.
>> I am ready to go live except for this little problem.
>> Kerry
> If you are using the standard demo UI click Administrator Tab then in
> Preferences Select Payment.  Look for CREDIT_CARDS_ACCEPTED and set it to
> 0
> and PO_ACCEPTED set to 1, then restart interchange and I believe this will
> solve your problem.  Otherwise you can set in variable.txt
> CREDIT_CARDS_ACCEPTED    0     Payment also PO_ACCEPTED    1    Payment.
> This is assuming you are using standard demo checkout pages.
> -Sam
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