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Marty Tennison marty at dripdepot.com
Wed Feb 11 21:13:19 UTC 2009

kerry wrote:
> I have my cart live finally. I setup qty breaks on all items that had them
> per previous post. It works fine for the way it is setup. I have run into
> a problem with it. If I have an item that is available at 1 unit for $2
> ea, and have a package of 6 for $1 ea, I have no control of the qty break
> package. If someone orders 8 units, they get the 6 package price. I would
> like to for them to get 6 at the 6 package price and the other 2 at the
> single unit price. I search the archive, but could not find the right
> terms to bring this problem up.
> Has anyone had the same situation? It the solution relative simple? (for a
> non coder) I can find my way around most of the code and make simple
> adjustments.
> Kerry
I don't think interchange has any built in logic for this. 

We run into this issue all the time since we sell a lot of small packs
and case quantity items.   You can, of course, limit the item to case
quantity only and then an order of 1 is actually a case of 6 and
indicate such to the customer.  But if you want to sell singles as well
as cases and give different prices for different combinations then I
think you'll have to whip something up yourself.

We use some Javascript in the page to force the customer to choose a
specific quantity (usually a modulo remainder of the base count) and
then we also check the items in the cart and ensure they fit into the
ordering rules we have setup.  It's not to difficult to setup, but it
does take some coding and a little planning.

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