[ic] minumum quantity message

kerry kerry at basicq.com
Thu Feb 12 20:55:07 UTC 2009

I am still trying to get the statement to work from a previous post.
I have the minimum quantities working well, but would like to post a
message at bottom or top of cart when customers do not order the minimum
amount. The cart is changing the amount, but would like to advise customer
why the qty changed.
When I put this code at the bottom of the basket.html, it seems to put the
system in a loop of no return. BTW, where is the "message" supposed to be


If you would like to display a message to the user of
  the catalog when quantities have to be adjusted to
  meet the minimum and batch quantity requirement, then
  include the code below in your shopping cart page at
  the location you want the message to appear.


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