[ic] How to not parse a section of a page

David Christensen david at endpoint.com
Fri Feb 27 17:15:06 UTC 2009


> I am wondering if there would be an easy way to have html code similar
> as below on a page and leave it untouched by Interchange so the [if IE
> xx] etc won't get interpolated.
> <!--[if IE 6]>
>     <style type="text/css">@import url(path/to/style/ie6.css);</style>
> <![endif]-->
> <!--[if IE 7]>
>     <style type="text/css">@import url(path/to/style/ie7.css);</style>
> <![endif]-->

What I've done before for this issue is to do something like:

[tmpn ie_conditional_output]
<!--[if IE 6]>
     <style type="text/css">@import url(path/to/style/ie6.css);</style>
[scratch ie_conditional_output]

I don't know if there's a more canonical way, but anything which  
passes the output through with an interpolate=0 should work as well.   
(A no-op filter would do the trick as well, because the default for  
filter is to not interpolate.)


David Christensen
End Point Corporation
david at endpoint.com

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