[ic] Setting up Interchange part 3

Scott Winterstein ScottsDesk at azlecomputers.com
Sat Jul 4 00:10:56 UTC 2009

Ok I have shell access and get to the point of running " perl Makefile.PL "
which runs a where do I want to install. Which I tell to install to
/home/content/b/a/n/bandreel/html/demo/interchange . I get a response back
saying "writing makefile" now what? I tried running make but get a error no
file exisits? is it making the file in
/home/content/b/a/n/bandreel/html/demo/interchange i see no such file
"make"??? I know this is prolly kids stuff to alot of you but if someone
would just help me here. I just need a push. Im reading all I can find but
not really finding installation basic. Its all written for someone who
allready has alot of the gaps filled in. I dont have those gaps. Please
someone help me.

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