[ic] Setting up Interchange part 3

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sat Jul 4 10:44:20 UTC 2009

On 07/03/2009 05:10 PM, Scott Winterstein wrote:
> Ok I have shell access and get to the point of running " perl
> Makefile.PL " which runs a where do I want to install. Which I tell to
> install to /home/content/b/a/n/bandreel/html/demo/interchange .

This sounds like you're trying to install the interchange server inside
your webspace.  This is not a good idea.  Install the server outside of
your webspace as there are no Interchange server files that need to be
directly accessed by a browser.  There are static images and other files
that will get installed in your webspace in a different step.

> I get a
> response back saying "writing makefile" now what? I tried running make
> but get a error no file exisits? is it making the file in
> /home/content/b/a/n/bandreel/html/demo/interchange i see no such file
> "make"???

The file that it creates is called Makefile and will be put in the same
directory as Makefile.PL currently resides.  make is a program which
should already be on the server you are using (it is a very standard
program for a Linux server to have).  If the server you are using is
missing the make program you need to talk to your ISP about installing
it for you, or perhaps they have some alternative (such as gmake) for
you to use instead.

> I know this is prolly kids stuff to alot of you but if someone
> would just help me here. I just need a push. Im reading all I can find
> but not really finding installation basic. Its all written for someone
> who allready has alot of the gaps filled in. I dont have those gaps.
> Please someone help me.

Certainly installing IC is not a task that is easy for someone who has
no experience working on a Linux server.  You may find it too daunting
for you, but if you come into the IRC chat channel (as someone else has
already suggested) then we can give you some very good help there.  You
can access the IRC chat via the web at:


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