[ic] Migrating to a new server

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 13:04:27 UTC 2009

>> I'd like to move to a faster server within my same hosting company. How
>> do you guys go about this?  I can imagine I would install everything on
>> the new server, export tables on the old server, move the tables over,
>> delete products/*.sql on the new server,
> I would use your database's native export and import to move the entire
> database over, rather than Interchange's table export and import. For one
> thing it's almost certain to be faster, but it also gets database-specific
> things Interchange won't. (Triggers, constraints, views, comments, etc.)
>> restart IC on the new server, change my DNS info, and shut down the old
>> server. My TTL is 1 hour and I'm OK with some people getting no website
>> for an hour.
> Why not lower your TTL to 10 minutes an hour or two before you migrate?
> It's also nice to post a "down for maintenance" page in Apache for any
> request on the old site so that people aren't as frustrated.
> Jon

Sounds good, thanks Jon.

- Grant

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