[ic] patch

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Sat Jul 25 15:13:37 UTC 2009

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> How do you patch IC. I sent a patch for IC and I never patch it.. But I
> was wanting to
> know how you Patch IC.

"I sent a patch for IC" - where did you send this and when?

"I was wanting to know how you Patch IC" ... do you mean: 
"How will a patch that I create, end up in the core Interchange for others
to enjoy" ...

You can send the patch to this mailinglist. 

The patch will then be checked/tested etc, changed/fixed where appropriate,
and committed to the versioning system by one of the core developers.

Another option is to create your own git repository of Interchange, make
your changes there and point the -users mailinglist to your repository where
the change is. A core developer can pull the change from there and add it to
the Interchange repository.



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