[ic] How do I override 0 inventory

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From: "Richard Templet" <richard at endpoint.com>
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> Rick Bragg wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have a catalog where I added a field in the products database called
>> "track_inventory".  I set this to 1 or 0 if I want to be able to deal
>> with inventory or not on that item.  For example, downloadable items
>> etc...  I want to allow checkout with 0 inventory on these items.
>> When I order quantity 1 or more of an item with this flag set to 0, and
>> the inventory for that item is 0, the quantity auto-resets to 0 in the
>> basket.html
>> How do I override this so I can order any number of these items even if
>> inventory is 0?
>> Thanks
>> Rick
> Rick,
> Look for this in your catalog.cfg:
> MaxQuantityField  inventory:quantity
> Comment it out if you don't want IC to be smart about the inventory
> levels for items based on the quantity field in the inventory table.
> Richard Templet
> End Point Corp.

Although you may want IC to be smart about inventory on the rest of your 
items. There are probably many other, more robust ways of doing this however 
what comes to mind is editing the portion in log_transaction that loops 
through and decrements inventory. It's near the bottom IIRC. Just add a 
condition to skip the decrement on your downloads. Then just set your 
downloads to 999, or - the maximum you want to allow being purchased - 1?

Anyways, I am sure there are better ways, and I hate suggesting hacking 
log_transaciton, but hey, who doesn't.

Paul Jordan

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