[ic] How would I let a user to set there own price?

Rick Bragg lists at gmnet.net
Wed Oct 7 00:22:15 UTC 2009

I know that it is a bad idea to allow users to set their own prices, but
in this case I really need to enable this.

For example, I know it is best to use the gift certificate pricing
(where the price is set to 1 and the user selects quantity as a price)
for gift certs, or even donations.  This is kind of like buying shares.
Thats good, but, in my case I really need to allow the user to set the
price of an item.  i.e. a parking ticket.  It is for a city, and I am
not "tracking" tickets on anybody.  I don't want to have somebody buying
1500 tickets at 1 penny each for a single $15 parking ticket!  Simply
allowing a person on the honor system to pay a ticket (or tickets) by
setting their own price would be best.  So, is there a way to allow for
a user to set their own price for an item?  I have a flag in the
products table for "allow_setprice" set to 1 for these type of items.

Thanks again!

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