[ic] Unknown field name 'status' used in tag item-param

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Mon Oct 12 09:03:42 UTC 2009

Salvador Caballé wrote:
> I'm working to upgrade an old catalog to the latest
> interchange version , and I see the following error
> in the error.log:
> /admin/item.html Unknown field name 'status' used in tag item-param
> I also checked the error log in icdevgroup demo site, and I see the same 
> message.
> Everything seems to work well, but I was not the reason for this error

No, the error comes from this part of ITL on item.html:

   my $string = '';
   if(! $Scratch->{old_browser}) {
     my $nm = 'checker[item-increment]';
     push @els, qq{push_el('$nm', '[item-param status]');};
     $string .= "id=$nm ";
   return $string if $Scratch->{archive_nm} eq 'unarchive';
   $string .= 'CHECKED' if q{[item-param status]} eq $Values->{checked_status};
   return $string;

It looks like that code was added here by mistake, as items has neither
status nor archive fields.


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