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Tue Oct 13 02:52:32 UTC 2009

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> From: arogerso at admmail.uwaterloo.ca
> Date: Mon=2C 12 Oct 2009 21:51:24 -0400
> To: interchange-users at icdevgroup.org
> Subject: Re: [ic] Cookie Cart Content
>> On Oct 10=2C 2009=2C at 9:57 PM=2C Raymond Cheng wrote:
>>> Hi=2C All:
>>> How can i use cookies to retain cart contents. I want interchange to
>>> retain items in cart for a few days after browser closes. Thank you.
>>> Regards
>>> Raymond
> I think you might just be able to change SessionExpire. Have a look at:
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/docs/confs/SessionExpire.html
> and maybe http://www.icdevgroup.org/docs/glossary/expire.html
> For registered and logged in users=2C you can also allow them to create a
> 'Saved Cart'.
> Angus
> Angus Rogerson=2C B.Math=2C BScN=2C RN=2C Geek
> _______________________________________________

I have the following in catalog.cfg and still unable to retain cart content=
s.it seems that the setting is for login information only. the setting cook=
ies username and password only. I don't known if there are other settings t=
o retain cart contents even browser close and reopen. Thank you.
Cookies      Yes
CookieLogin  Yes
CookieDomain .mydomain.com
SaveExpire   7 days
SessionExpire  7 days
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