[ic] session id length

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Apr 12 03:24:11 UTC 2010

Quoting Dan Bergan (dan at berganconsulting.com):
> I'm still using ic 5.4.5, but I was wanting to change my session id length.
> So, in Session.pm I replaced:
> $Vend::SessionID = random_string();
> with:
> $Vend::SessionID = random_string($::Limit->{
> session_id_length} ||= 8);
> And then I added to my catalog.cfg:
> Limit  session_id_length  12
> I restarted interchange and then cleared my cookies (to get rid of my
> old session id) and then visited my ic site.  But, the session id
> generated is still 8 characters in length.  Is there something else
> I'm missing?

Are you sure $::Limit is valid in 5.4.5? Try 

$Vend::SessionID = random_string($Vend::Cfg->{Limit}->{session_id_length});

(The ||= 8 is not really wanted or needed. It will never be set more than
once a session, and the default for random_string is 8 anyway. It just causes
copying for no reason.)

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