[ic] AddAttr only UserTags sometimes work, sometimes fail

Chris Keane chris.keane at zzgi.com
Tue Apr 20 16:57:11 UTC 2010

> Quoting Chris Keane (chris.keane at zzgi.com  <http://www.icdevgroup.org/mailman/listinfo/interchange-users>):
> /
> />/  I'm having a weird issue with some UserTags that have all attributes
> />/  passed to them via AddAttr, for example:
> />/
> ...//
> />/
> />/  Any thoughts or guidance?
> /
> Are these calls from $Tag objects or via ITL parse? I am guessing
> ITL parse. If we don't pass any argument at all to the routine, I am
> guessing that @_ could have some residual value causing the problem.

Mike, I only recall seeing the problem when called from ITL parse. The 
thought that there is some residual guff in @_ is possible, the thing 
that has me scratching my head is that the parameters are being passed 
but misdelivered by ITL parse. For example, if I pass 
thing=thing_content then it seems that $opt ends up as a literal with 
content of "thing_content" rather than a hashref with a member ->{thing} 
= "thing_content".

So when I call for $opt->{thing}, perl freaks out because I'm treating a 
literal ($opt, mistakenly containing the string "thing_content"), as the 
hashref it's supposed to be.


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