[ic] New guide for setting up a Centos / RHEL5 server andinstalling Interchange

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Apr 28 20:52:09 UTC 2010

> What is happening during image upload from the admin UI is the files are 
> being uploaded correctly but have permissions of
> -rw-rw---- so httpd does not have access to reading the file.
> I can chmod 664 to solve this but, I must have missed a step somewhere.
> all image directories are interch.interch

I solved this, but not sure if it is implemented correctly.

I created a new linux group www
I added interch, and apache users to the new group www

set the primary group on interch to the new group www

restart httpd and interchange
apache now reads the file correctly since it is part of the new group, but 
files are still created as -rw-rw---


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