[ic] Problems: long winded explanation, and request for help.

Marty Tennison marty at dripdepot.com
Thu Dec 2 00:47:32 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, December 01, 2010 03:48:44 pm Adam Lambert wrote:

> But in those situations, did it display the behavior 100% of the time?
> Or just in very rare instances (and were those instances repeatable)?
> My IC setup works correctly to the tune of thousands of orders per week,
> processed without incident, so much so, that I have been totally unable
> to reproduce these errors myself, despite days and weeks of effort to do
> so.
> After reviewing the various relevant configs, I am confident that it's
> not redirecting anywhere in Apache, and it's not redirecting anything
> via DNS.   The only redirection I'm aware of that happens here, is
> whatever happens when IC processes the request to add an item to the
> cart.    Also, bear in mind, that the symptoms I'm seeing here can be
> 'fixed' by restoring IE to factory default or startring FireFox in safe
> mode.   So, it's some setting in the browser (or perhaps a plugin?) that
> is interacting with IC when this kind of thing occurs.

Ahhh, do you you require users to create an account before placing an order?   
If so, restoring to factory defaults hints at cached files and or session data 
issues.  My guess would be that you have some sort of autoload routine in 
interchange (or in some page) that is somehow affecting user login status.  
Your problem #3 suggests this.

If fixing the problem can be accomplished by restoring IE then, it seems to me 
that all you are doing is removing any cookie data or cached pages on the 
client.  If that fixes it then the issue has to be related somehow.  There 
could be a plugin issue I suppose, but highly unlikely due to the fact that 
both IE and FF have the same issue. 

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