[ic] Database directives clarification

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Fri Dec 3 06:36:42 UTC 2010

I feel confident I am doing things right, but would like some verification, 
especially on some things that were not really clear in the docs/archives.

#1, table 'foo' is in the databaseA running catalogA. CatalogB runs on 
DatabaseB, but wants to also use DatabaseA 'foo' table. DatabaseB will need 
the following:

A: catalogB/dbconf/foo.mysql  (with appropriate User/Pass/DSN)
B: catalogB/products/foo.txt
C: catalogB/products/.foo.sql

My real question is are B and C necessary?

#2 Using the same circumstances in #1 above, would CatalogB's foo.mysql file 
reference simply foo.txt, or would it use an absolute path to foo.txt in 
catalogA? I guess I am really thrown off by there being two .txt files for 
this table. Something seems off putting about that.

Know that I am using NoImport on all these, but the question is bothering 
me, and I 'd really like to know.

#3 The docs all mention NoImport being a catalog.cfg directive, however I 
have been using it directly in my .mysql files. I also have .sql files in 
place. Is my use of NoImport incorrect, and I am just not noticing it 
because of my .sql files? So in my setup I might have NoImport in half a 
dozen or more .mysql files, each one referencing only its table.



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