[ic] email tag - large lists problem

Rick Bragg lists at gmnet.net
Wed Feb 3 18:49:34 UTC 2010


Is there a way to use the email tag so that IC does not have to wait
after sending out all mail before returning a page?

In other words, I am using the email tag to send out emails to a group
of users whenever a single user creates a new piece of content on a

I have set up a system where once a user creates some new content, and
hits a "publish" button, a form gets passed to a "publish" routine that
includes a loop using the "email" tag to send a message to everyone in a
group.  The problem is, this group could contain thousands of email
addresses, and the "publish" routine would simply time out.

Is there a way to use a tag that does not have to loop through an email
list and send out mail and wait until all mail is sent before returning?

I would like to achive the following:

User publishes new content.
Content is saved to a table.
New message data is saved to a "send_message" table.
Then a daemon can pick that up and send out that message via email on a
loop.  This way a very large list can be managed.  

Any advice?


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