[ic] email tag - large lists problem

Rene interchange at hertell.com
Mon Feb 8 08:37:20 UTC 2010

Rick Bragg wrote:

> I think I will go with the [child-process] tag for now. That is really
> great! Thank you!
> My needs are for "many" lists and each list would be dynamically created
> and managed whenever an IC user creates or dissolves a "group".  I
> looked at CPAN for Mailman, and didn't find a way to totally manage
> lists.  In the future, I would like to create some sort of tag that
> works directly with mailman for creating new lists, and managing all
> aspects of them.  If anybody knows how to do this, or has any other
> list-serve software with this kind of total access, please let me know.

You could build an interface against the mailman config-scripts. With
this you can create/remove lists, add/remove users etc. Also configuring
the list should work this way with the MAILMANDIR/bin/config_list script..


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